Bitterroot Boat Works

Building Custom Skiffs, Drift boats, and Prams

Bitterroot Boatworks build the finest wood boats on the market today.
These are designed by a Longtime guide/outfitter and boatman.
They are the prettiest, toughest, most durable wood boats out there.
These boats require very little maintenance year in and year out!

Using traditional building techniques but modern epoxy, fiberglass, and varnish creates a boat beautiful but more durable than anything else on the market today. These boats are built by a veteran Guide who personally Rows them every day during the Guide Season. Each boat is built specifically for who is purchasing it and their needs and size.

  • There are a number of different models available. High side drift boat, low side drift boat, skiff and Guide Skiff.
  • $20,000 for the Bitterrroot Skiff – Includes: trailer, oarlocks, floor mats, anchor rope, boat buckles.
  • Extras Available – Oars, Anchor, Big Sky canvas cover
  • Guide/outfitter pricing is available.
  • Please contact Karl at Sheerwater Guide for pricing and quotes.